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Revitalize Your Home With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Turn to us for custom home painting services in Colorado Springs, CO

Is your paint starting to peel? You'll be glad to know that Tafoya Contracting offers custom home painting services in Colorado Springs, CO. We'll handle every step of painting your home, inside and out.

Your house will look slick and stylish when we're done. Contact us today to arrange for custom home painting services.

Why you should leave drywall repairs to the pros

Accidentally knock a hole in your wall? There's no need to try and fix it yourself. After our expert drywall repairs, you won't be able to tell a hole was ever there.

You should hire our professionals for drywall repairs because:

  • We have the tools needed to do the job
  • We'll get the repair done quickly and safely
  • We'll provide long-lasting results

Keep your walls in unblemished condition. Call us at 719-374-7875 to schedule drywall repair services.