general electrical repairs colorado springs co

Avoid Serious Safety Hazards

Hire us for general electrical repairs in Colorado Springs, CO

Electrical issues can pose a risk to your property and the safety of your family. Luckily, Tafoya Contracting provides general electrical repairs in the Colorado Springs, CO area. We'll troubleshoot any problems with your electrical system. We can even upgrade your system to make sure it complies with modern safety standards.

Don't risk an electrical fire. Get in touch with us now to schedule general electrical repairs.

How to know it's time for a water heater replacement

We know how frustrating it can be to step into the shower and discover that you have no hot water. But cold water isn't the only way to tell that your water heater has problems.

You'll know you need a water heater replacement if there's:

  • Rusty water coming out of your tap
  • A metallic smell and taste to your tap water
  • Water pooling around the base of your water heater

You don't have to put up with cold showers. Reach out to us today to arrange for a water heater replacement.